Self-Publishing Success Academy $1,200 (Self-Study Course)

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How to beat the odds and consistently sell copies of your self-published book. How good is this course? One student used just ONE strategy we teach. These were his results:

“During the first week of Self-Publishing Success Academy, I implemented one of the strategies Jimmy and Kimanzi taught. Within 48-hours of that strategy going live, I sold 1,822 copies of my book, hit #1 on Amazon in nine categories, and rose all the way to a sales ranking of #80 out of all Kindle books. Be sure to connect with them – they totally have this dialed in!!!!”

Beau Henderson

“The information, strategies, and connections in Self-Publishing Success Academy are amazing. I feel as if I may have cheated you by paying so little for the value I received. As it was worth far more!”

Shawn Scheffler

Every year, there are over one million books published. Most of these books won’t sell more than 250 copies. There is a lot of advice about self-publishing, but most of it is dated. In 2011, there were five million books on Amazon. Today, there are over 14 million. The strategies that were used to work aren’t effective in 2015.

Kimanzi and Jimmy have books that are, or have been on Amazon’s bestseller lists this month. Using just one strategy from this course, Kimanzi’s book sold so much in three days it was ranked #64 out of ALL Kindle books.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 8.58.17 PM 2

The book even made the Publishers Weekly iBooks bestsellers list!

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Here’s what’s included in the program:

  • Four video and audio tutorials- If you’re on the go, you can listen to the audio only. At home, you can watch us walk you through all these strategies in detail through a screen-shared software. No talking head videos in this course.
  • Private forum– a place to share your progress and bounce ideas around.
  • Homework- Yes. you’ll have assignments that will put you on a fast track to doing what we have done. 
  • Topics include– how to sell more books through promo sites, how to hit #1 on Amazon, how to get exposure by writing for large websites, how to get booked for speaking engagements, how to get booked for podcast interviews, how to get a book deal with a traditional publisher, how to consistently sell more books, and how to build a business around your book.

Course details: 

Module one: The two most effective ways to sell books today.  

  • Writing for large websites. Supercharge your exposure by becoming a contributing writer for large websites. You will learn how to get noticed above the noise from the thousands of articles submitted to these sites on a daily basis. The strategy that has led past coaching clients to contributor writing positions with websites such as The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, The Good Men Project, and Mind, Body, Green, AskMen, and 14 other websites. You will learn how to write in a way that gets your reader to respond, take action, and create viral sharing. 
  • Marketing your book through promo sites. How to identify free and paid sites that can launch your book into huge sales spikes and consistent sales patterns. How to find, apply, and get accepted on these sites.
  • You’ll learn exactly what it took and the secret way that Kimanzi has sold over 100,000 books in the past couple of years.

Module two: Launching or relaunching a book. 

  • The value of #1 bestseller.
  • How to launch your book to Amazon #1 bestseller status.
  • How Jimmy drove his book to #1 on Amazon in multiple categories with an email database of less than 80 people.
  • How Jimmy has launched every personal coaching client’s book to #1 on Amazon in multiple categories.
  • The magic three lists that can drive any book to #1.
  • The power of Facebook private messages.
  • How to get reviews.
  • How to create momentum that will continue after the launch.

Module three: Marketing through podcast interviews and speaking engagements. 

  • How to find podcasts that have your target audience and are looking to book you as a guest.
  • The strategy Jimmy used to book over 40 podcast interviews in four months.
  • How to make every speech you make from now on a paid speaking engagement.
  • How to find and get booked for paid speaking engagements.
  • How to develop a speech that will lead to book sales.

Module four: Building a business around your book. 

  • How to use your #1 bestseller status to create a real business.
  • How to turn a book launch into a $4,000 a month business.
  • How to get a publishing contract with a major publisher.
  • How Kimanzi sells books consistently.
  • How to turn the new relationships you make during the launch into long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • How to make your first or next $1,000 by leveraging the bestselling status you will have with your book.

The private Facebook forum is live now. You can get started there as soon as you purchase the self-study course.

Who we are: 

photo-300x225Kimanzi Constable self-published his first book in August of 2011 but only sold five copies in the first six months. He decided to stop following popular advice and see what works. Since then, he self-published a second book, and both books went on to sell over 100,000 copies. The books did so well he was signed to a four-book deal with Sounds Wisdom Books. His first traditionally published book came out May of 2013. He is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, AskMen, SuccessMind Body Green and 10 other websites. His book, Are You Living or Existing? 9 Steps to Change Your Life, is a national bestseller.

Jimmy Burgess self-published his first book What Just Happened? How to Bounce Back in Life So You Can Do More, Have More, and Be More in December of 2013 with disappointing results. After the disappointing initial results, he became a student of self-publishing strategy and later relaunched his book to #1 Amazon bestseller status in multiple categories. After cracking the code on launching books to #1, Jimmy began coaching other self-published authors. Every self-published author he has ever coached one-on-one has been able to reach Amazon #1 bestseller status. On top of being an Amazon #1 bestselling author and coach, Jimmy is a keynote corporate and event speaker, encourager, and eternal optimist. He is a contributing writer for Entrepreneur Magazine and The Good Men Project.

What people are saying: 

“Like many writers, I had been hustling and producing a ton of content, but struggling to get good exposure. Previously, I had submitted to large websites but never heard anything back. After speaking with Kimanzi, I am now a contributor for Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, and Entrepreneur.”

Thai Nguyen Writer/Editor

Jared Easley Cofounder of Podcast Movement/#1 Bestselling Author/Starve the Doubts Podcast Host

“I’ve been a professional writer for more than 25+ years as both an ex-journalist and corporate Public Relations executive. I thought I knew all there was about getting my content on large websites – was I wrong!  Applying a few of Kimanzi’s tips was all it took to land a gig as a weekly columnist on a site that has more than six million unique visitors per month.”

Tor Constantino PR Guy/Ex-Journalist/Bestselling Author/Speaker

Brenda McGraw Amazon #1 Bestselling Author and Speaker

“The systems taught in this class helped me get articles published on two major media sites. Kimanzi provided practical advice and great support to get my articles designed, written, and published!”

Steve Sponseller Innovation Strategist

Ellory Wells Amazon #1 Bestselling Author/Empowerment for Entrepreneur Coach/Host of Empowered Podcast

The private Facebook forum is live now. You can get started there as soon as you purchase the self-study course. $1,200

If you want to join this class or get access to the self-study course, email me at for the next steps.